NextCloud Options for Non-Techies

Managed Solutions & Appliances

Jeremy Cheng


If you read my previous post about hosting my own e-mail server and collaborative suite, you might be thinking that while what I have setup seems great, it’s really just too much work or perhaps that you are simply uninterested in the “weeds” and only want to use something that just works so you feel like NextCloud might not be for you. Well, don’t jump to any conclusions yet!

The good news is, there are much easier options. Let’s take the e-mail server part out of the equation for now and focus on the file sharing and collaborative suite aspect as there are some seemingly decent alternatives out there that can help you achieve your “privacy vs convenience” balance without having to managing your own servers or cloud services from scratch. In fact, beyond just privacy, there are some really great features in NextCloud that even Google’s and Microsoft’s offerings can’t do which can greatly enhance your daily workflow.

Managed Service

For those who don’t want to deal with managing anything at all, there are options out there that still give you relatively better privacy and the right functionality for free or at most, a small monthly fee. There are a lot of these types of providers so here are just a couple that have free offerings for you to try things out:

Ready-to-Use Appliances

If you are somewhat technical savvy with a decent internet connection at home or office, here are two places that sell you devices with NextCloud already pre-installed so you can just turn it on, whip up the browser, and configure it like you would with a QNAP or Synology NAS:

So What Should I Choose?