Replacing Bash, Python, & Go with a language that’s SUPER FAST

If you have been in the tech industry long enough, regardless of your role, chances are, you have used Bash or Python more than once to automate something that you would otherwise need to manually do repetitively.

I am obviously no exception and have written automation scripts since the early 2000’s. I have done projects from writing scripts to update thousands of servers for myself, to streamlining development/deployment processes for engineers, all the way to building application/firmware installers for end users. From my experience, there are three main factors that determine what scripting language I chose for each project:

  1. How…

My Go-To Gnome Alternative for Machines of All Sizes

Awesome WM has been my go-to solution for VMs and older machines since its early days. It’s modern, configurable, and lightweight. Perhaps, what’s more important is that it all just makes sense to me straight out of the box compared to the rest of the tiling window managers that are available out there. It also helps that it uses lua to configure your environment which is a pretty intuitive language. I guess what keeps me from using Awesome on all my *nix machines is that I am still most comfortable with Gnome 3. Especially since pop-shell’s conception, there’s really nothing…

Base install w/ Nginx + Redis and Varnish configured in 5 min!

What makes Magento so attractive to the e-commerce industry is that once you have it all setup and configured properly, it’s quite user friendly to manage from the web dashboard which enables less technical folks to run their e-commerce stores with a very high degree of flexibility, especially if they want to deploy a multi-storefront e-commerce instance. These very same reasons are why Magento became so popular and continue to be so into the foreseeable future. However, the positives don’t come without negatives and one of the biggest pains derives from the process of “getting Magento setup properly”. Because of…

with tmux and .bashrc for your SSH remote sessions

If you have worked in the tech industry for some time or even simply took some computer science classes in the past, chances are, you have had to work with a remote server via SSH to execute some commands, compile code, troubleshoot server issues, or deploy new apps that you have written. Some of you may even have a portable CLI environment that allows you to do everything with your own customization no matter where you go as long as you have a stable internet connection. …

that are just technically more interesting than the others

For those of you just starting to pay attention to the different “altcoin” projects, I am going to attempt to summarize what I think are the more technically interesting ones out there. While fundamentals do matter, I am in no way insinuating any of these projects are “good investments” or not. So if you are a Crypto trader looking to get tips on what’s the next 100x altcoin in the next 2 months, you are probably reading the wrong post. …

On the Lenovo 6th Generation X1 Carbon

Battery Chart from:

I find that my Lenovo X1 Carbon as a secondary workstation is even plugged in for longer periods of time compared to my main rig. As such, it’s even more important that I set the battery charging thresholds to prevent overcharge so as to prolonging the lifespan of my battery.

For those of you who are interested, here’s a quick one on how to control charging thresholds on the Lenovo X1 Carbon running Garuda Linux similar to how you would do it on the System76 Lemur Pro.


Install the required packages:

$ sudo pacman -S acpi_call-dkms tpacpi-bat

Clone my repo…

The unofficial GUI wrapper to control charging threshold

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Lemp9 users can finally control their charging thresholds in the terminal to increase the longevity of their batteries. I obviously got super excited about this because my Lemp9 is on-and-off plugged in for pro-longed periods of time so decreasing the upper limits to 80% largely prevents over-charging my battery which keeps my battery from looking like this:

NextCloud Notes x Obsidian x Notebooks for iPhone

A note taking solution has been something I have been chasing since the beginning of time. Over the years, I have gone through countless solutions. From text editors all the way to à la Evernote/Simplenote/Boostnotes and more complicated web-based CMS’s and Wiki’s. I was always in the end, left feeling a little ughhh…

Sure, a lot of the above mentioned products excelled in their very own way and have some very amazing features built-in but none of them were balanced solutions with acceptable shortfalls for my use case. …

Managed Solutions & Appliances

If you read my previous post about hosting my own e-mail server and collaborative suite, you might be thinking that while what I have setup seems great, it’s really just too much work or perhaps that you are simply uninterested in the “weeds” and only want to use something that just works so you feel like NextCloud might not be for you. Well, don’t jump to any conclusions yet!

The good news is, there are much easier options. Let’s take the e-mail server part out of the equation for now and focus on the file sharing and collaborative suite aspect…

10 Custom Tweaks after Installation

If you read my previous post about Garuda Linux being questionably the best Linux distro for the Lenovo X1 Carbon, you have probably heard enough from me about “how everything just works out-of-the-box” and “how the maintainers did such a great job putting in some great usability tweaks pre-configured fresh out of the install”. So let’s talk about what I tweaked to make this desktop environment truly my own instead.

The Terminal

Garuda Gnome comes with Gnome-Terminal by default which is great but if you have ever tried Tilix, it’s really hard to go back. So the first thing that I always…

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