Starlabs Starbook MK VI

The “Macbook” of Linux as my Daily Driver

Jeremy Cheng


In 2022, I did some research on what I thought might be a good fit as my next daily driver and narrowed down to 2 final candidates. As the specs on the Starlabs Starbook MK VI got some major bumps, I finally decided to pull the trigger on making it my next daily driver.

Why Starbook over the Lemur Pro?

First of all, as most of you know, I was on the first batch of Lemur Pro before this. To be honest, the Lemur Pro is an amazing machine. It really did me solid for almost 3 years and customer support was pretty good when I did have some edge case type of problems. The only thing that I really didn’t like about it was the look and feel of the chassis (and the crappy speakers too). I say this only because I am sort of a fan boy for that Macbook premium look and feel. Then again, how else was the Lemur Pro supposed to be so light and sturdy at the same time?

With that out of the way, let’s talk about what made me feel like the Starbook MK VI was a better choice for me personally:

  • The build including the chassis is the closest to a Macbook I have seen for custom Linux machines (though heavier than the Lemur Pro)
  • The Intel CPU is the i7-1260p instead of the i7–1255u
  • Max RAM is 64GB DDR4 instead of 40GB DDR4
  • Huge, accurate, and extremely smooth glass touchpad
  • Speakers that are better than any Clevo or TF ultrabook I have seen
  • Not a Clevo or TF OEM but a custom build which is more of just being intrigued by it than anything else

And now, let’s talk about the cons that I was willing to let go of:

  • Smaller battery — 65 watt hr instead of 73 watt hr
  • No thunderbolt… Which also means no e-GPU… :( I am not a gamer or AI developer though nor do I plan on mining crypto with this machine
  • No Kensington Lock but the environments I bring this laptop to doesn’t really require it. *crosses fingers*
  • No secondary PCI-e slot for a secondary hard drive
  • AMD choice was a bit dated and Coreboot doesn’t support AMD yet which is why I chose the…