My Next Daily Driver?

How I derived to the System76 Lemur Pro

Jeremy Cheng


For almost 2 years, I have happily switched from 10+ years of using various Macbooks as my daily driver to a 6th Gen Lenovo X1 Carbon (X1C6) running Ubuntu mostly because Jony Ive screwed me with the butterfly keyboard. A few things that I love about the X1C6 to this day that makes it still one of the best contenders as my daily driver are:

  • Camera Cover (ThinkShutter)
  • Thunderbolt but I rarely make use of it
  • 2x available USB-C ports (1x for power and 1x for data/display)
  • The 3 mouse buttons
  • Carbon Fiber material making the ruggedness and weight of the device superior

However, over time, I have grown out of some of its hardware:

  • CPU (8th Gen i7)
  • RAM (max 16GB)
  • NVMe (500GB)
  • The super crappy speakers that was supposedly fixed on the 7th gen model

So I started hunting for an upgrade.

Before I go into which machines I evaluated, I will share some of the applications that I use and mostly keep open on a daily basis under the Gnome Desktop Environment to provide some context: