Make Telegram Messenger Usable

with 2 stupid simple settings; proper muting and folders

Jeremy Cheng


Telegram has been my primary form of communication with most of my work contacts and the friends/family I am closest to. We choose it not because it’s the most secure messenger nor did we choose it because it’s supposed to be “privacy focused”. In fact, it’s arguably not very secure nor are we guaranteed privacy by using it. I am of course not going to cover said arguments as a simple googling will already turn out a long and distinguished list of people covering why they think Telegram is not as secure or where Telegram fell short when it comes to privacy. Some of these arguments have their own merits and some of them don’t but at the end of the day, none of that matters. I am a firm believer that if you want to achieve good security and privacy, you have to take it into your own hands (ie. encryption) rather than relying on a communication app or some random company to ensure it for you. So when I evaluate Telegram, I simply evaluate base on functions and features.

Here are some things about Telegram that makes it my favorite messaging solution:

  • Messages are editable. I very often edit my messages after I have sent them so that they actually make sense or I may just be simply correcting stupid autocorrect mistakes.
  • Regular messages are synced across all devices and I can switch between multiple devices messing the same person seemlessly so that the messenger doesn’t restrict my workflow.
  • Ability to build bots and apps that can automate tasks for you (I have built a crypto price checker and some DevOps stuff for work before with this).
  • Low on resource consumption which makes my laptop and phone batteries live longer.
  • Folders, which I will be talking more about in the later part of this post
  • It’s opensource and if you are on Android, you can even get the FOSS version from F-Droid.
  • Their stickers are pretty awesome ;)

With the favorites out of the way, let’s talk about the common complaints about Telegram from some of my contacts that don’t use Telegram as much:

  • Messages get drowned inside a sea of other messages in the big…