GTK Frontend for ssh-vault

UPDATE (October 28th, 2020):

A more refined solution has been posted since:

In a previous post, I mentioned that I found something that allows for us to be able to share text, photos, and pdf’s securely with ssh keys called ssh-vault which is a perfect way for sharing passwords for my purposes. The only downside was that it’s only available in CLI which is not a problem for me but a problem for some of my colleagues.

Well, what do you know? There’s a GUI frontend in the works for ssh-vault by 3DF OSI! :) It’s quite primitive still and only tested on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 at the moment (there are some issues with decrypting with Arch and other distros when launched with .desktop via the applications menu), but “it does already make the sharing between Ubuntu users easier”. The project also has bigger plans for other Linux distros, macOS, and Windows in the future as well so that cross platform sharing is achievable. Check out the below screenshot:

Also, as of the time of this post, the GUI only supports encrypting and decrypting existing text files with the .txt extension and does not leverage ssh-vault’s ability to encrypt and decrypt photos and PDF’s.

And just for fun, I did a little screencast on making this app work on my Windows VM with just a little extra work. ;) So I don’t think we are that far off from cross-platform sharing.



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