Daily Driver Linux Ultrabook in 2022?

Based on a curated list of today’s Linux friendly offerings

Jeremy Cheng


It’s been almost 2 years since I went with a System76 Lemur Pro as my daily driver so it’s about that time when I am looking around for an upgrade. During my time with the Lemur Pro, I was pretty happy with the system specs and there was never really an alternative that had a better fit for my needs:

  • Lightweight (under 2.5lbs) for my elderly shoulders
  • More than 32GB of RAM
  • Secondary NVMe slot for my VMs & random temp backups
  • Long lasting battery
  • USB-C charging so I can use my GAN charger

My only gripe is the build material of the outer shell which looks and feels a little cheap but how else do you get that sort of lightness right? I also was able to get around the lack of a camera cover/shutter by just buying something like this on Amazon which did the trick. I guess if I had to be nit picky about things, while the keyboard is not bad, it’s not Thinkpad or older Macbooks quality. I would also like it a lot if it had hardware kill switches for the camera and microphone like the Librem 14 but one can only ask for so much?

With the above in mind, I went out to look over what the options are as of today to see if the market has changed enough for me to go for another brand. Here is my conclusion:

Lenovo X1 Carbon 9th Gen:

Finally! 32GB of RAM! The build quality is also quite amazing. I recently bought one for a client and as I was setting it up for him, I almost wanted to get one for myself. There’s a camera shutter, the keyboard is amazing, and the speakers are much better than my X1C6. However, even at 32GB of RAM, that’s sort of a downgrade from my almost 2 year old Lemur Pro and a battery that doesn’t last quite as long as the Lemur Pro either. Plus, I am not sure if I want to go through the process of getting coreboot on there if it was even possible.

Razer Blade 14:

Sports a Ryzen CPU, amazing build quality, nice keyboard, comes with an actual GPU for gaming, AI, & maybe even some small time crypto mining, but it maxes out at only 16GB of RAM and comes with…