10 Custom Tweaks after Installation

If you read my previous post about Garuda Linux being questionably the best Linux distro for the Lenovo X1 Carbon, you have probably heard enough from me about “how everything just works out-of-the-box” and “how the maintainers did such a great job putting in some great usability tweaks pre-configured fresh out of the install”. So let’s talk about what I tweaked to make this desktop environment truly my own instead.

The Terminal

Garuda Gnome comes with Gnome-Terminal by default which is great but if you have ever tried Tilix, it’s really hard to go back. So the first thing that I always…

Questionably one of the best experiences I have had

Perhaps I have been drinking the Canonical Kool-Aid for far too long or maybe it was just because I have had too many years working with Debian before Ubuntu which makes it hard for me to switch to a non-derivative distro on my main workstation. There’s something to be said about familiarity and just in general being able to do things “intuitively”. …

Open Source, Lightweight, Dead Simple, & Privacy Focused

Now with my personal e-mail and file sharing being all self-hosted again, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to use Google for analytics does it? So I was looking around for a self-hosted open source solution and came across this little gem called Plausible. Sure, Google Analytics is powerful and we may not be able to replace it on the professional front but for someone just looking to monitor basic traffic indicators, this solution is probably the best I have seen out there. It’s easy to setup, easy to use, and visually pleasing all in one package.

Is it the only self-hosted solution out there?

Good question…


Taking Steps Towards Enhancing My Personal Life’s Privacy

According to TechJury, as of 2020, GMail owns 43% of the e-mail services market share which equates to over 1.8 billion users. There’s a good reason for this as Google runs what’s questionably the best e-mail service out there with a long and distinguished list of associated integrated features that make all of our lives easier.

Part of the reason why I still recommend GMail to my friends and also GSuite (or Google Workspace… they keep changing names) to all of my clients is because there’s pretty much no way for anyone not dedicated to running e-mail services to even…

A Quick Fix Against a Known Memory Leak

Do you have production workloads running on Ubuntu 18.04? Are you switching your caching to Redis or more specifically configuring an application like Magento with no built-in tls support for Redis (as far as I know) to use AWS Elasticache? If you are, you will run into the same problem as I did where the latest stunnel that comes stock on this Ubuntu release has a known memory leak.

What does that mean?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, what a memory leak will essentially do is that it won’t release unneeded RAM from past activity while allocating more RAM…

with the world’s first decentralized Cloud built for DeFi

FULL DISCLOSURE: At the time of this writing, I am not affiliated with Akash Network or any of its employees in any way. However, I do own a small amount of AKTs just for the purpose of learning and testing out their product.

I still remember not too long ago when I would show up at networking events where people asked me what I thought about crypto/blockchain and my standard answer would always be:

Eh… I am really not that into anything that’s a pure numbers game… BUT, I do think that the concept of Blockchain itself is quite fascinating…

Maximizing Your Lemur Pro’s Battery Life with the Latest Firmware Update

One of my main gripes about the Lemp9 ever since I got it is the fact that the System76 firmware is unable to expose its charging thresholds which makes it impossible for people like myself that have their laptops plugged into a power outlet and a monitor for prolonged periods of time to even fathom the thought of preserving battery life. My usage pattern is so bad for the battery that within just 8 months from the time I bought the Lemur Pro, my battery started looking like this:

Cliff Notes for Old Timers Wanting to Make that Leap

To be an engineer these days, it’s almost impossible to not get intimate with Git; a total game changer for distributed version control. Of course, it wasn’t always that way. I did a portion of my career when CVS and Subversion were still popular. In fact, I date as far back as when engineers would just zip up their code base and share it with each other in-person via floppy disks….. but I digress.

Over the years, quite a few collaborative suites built around Git have come to light but the three strongest contenders remain to be, GitHub, Bitbucket, and…

Better logical separation & making portfolio display optional

For those of you who are reading this without having read my previous short post about MyCrypto, I recommend that you first read it so you are caught up on the background of this project. Here’s the post:

After having used MyCrypto for almost 2 weeks, I ran into a use case that perhaps needed a small change in the way it delivers output. I find that sometimes I am in situations where I don’t necessarily want to show my portfolio on screen but still want to check on BTC and ETH prices from the terminal. Imagine sitting next to…

Built with GoLang and CoinMarketCap.com API

This screenshot is based on randomly generated fake sample data that probably doesn’t add up but it successfully demonstrates that positive portfolio changes remain green and negative changes turn red

I have been following Blockchain technology since its early days but I mostly focused on use cases that were non-currency related until recently so when it comes to cryptocurrency, I am pretty much a n00b just like the rest of the people that have finally joined the train as of late.

Why Now?

There are many reasons specific to myself personally that made me decide not to dip my fingers into Bitcoin early on and to this day, I still don’t regret it even though BTC has proven itself to have made many people millionaires overnight. However given cryptocurrency’s current state, those…

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